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Treat Nail FungusNail Fungus Treatment
Nail fungus is a common condition estimated to affect about 1 in every 10 people. It can cause nails (usually the toenails) to become yellow or discolored, and eventually thick, brittle and painfully detached from the nail bed.

The Remedy laser treatment of nail fungus has been shown to be much more effective than oral or topical drugs, and with no side effects.


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Dr. Ken Cleveland - Remedy

Dr. Ken Cleveland

Dr. Cleveland is our physician and a partner at Remedy True Health and MediSpa. Dr. Cleveland is board certified and, before creating Remedy, was a well recognized and respected bariatric surgeon here in the Jackson Metro area. Dr. Cleveland started this practice with Elkanah Burson, an experienced pharmaceutical sales manager, to pursue a vision of helping people overcome issues of weight, aging, and health with zero surgery.

Patients who have the opportunity to spend time with Dr. Cleveland know first hand of his honest, helpful, and holistic nature in conversations. His educational approach adds a level of heartfelt confidence in all of his patients. His first and foremost mission is to help each and every patient achieve their healthiest and happiest level achievable.