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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair removal is an issue for both men and women, especially in areas that are not easily reached. For areas that are reachable, shaving and plucking hair are not long lasting and can also result in thick or unsightly regrowth.

At Remedy, we eliminate hair safely and effectively from your face, arms, legs and back – and even sensitive areas such as the chest and bikini line using laser hair removal. With laser hair removal, the results speak for themselves.

Laser hair removal eliminates the pain, frustration, and maintenance of plucking and shaving. Call Remedy to set up a one-on-one personal consultation.

IPL Laser Hair Removal

One of your options for eliminating unwanted hair is IPL laser hair removal for men and women. This laser produces a permanent effect so you’ll never have to worry about skin irritations, waxing or shaving again. The IPL laser hair removal system works on any area of the body where you’d like smoother skin, and works well for all skin types. This technology is designed to safely eliminate unwanted hair with very minimal discomfort.

In order for the treatment to be complete, and for the unwanted hair to remain gone, we will schedule several IPL laser hair removal treatments. We will determine the necessary number of treatments at your first consultation. Throughout the treatment process you must refrain from getting a commercial tan (tanning beds or spray tan), and stay out of the sun, unless you use a quality sunscreen.

YAG Laser Hair Removal

For men and women the YAG laser hair removal system is designed to permanently remove unwanted hair. This laser hair removal treatment is designed to be a completely safe option for people of all skin types, and even works with patients who have a suntan.

The YAG laser hair removal technique is designed with comfort in mind, and typically requires no local anesthetic. However some patients prefer a topical anesthetic for particularly sensitive areas.

Multiple treatments are required for permanent hair removal, and 3-6 treatments are typical for full permanent removal. Your unique situation will be taken into account when determining the number of required treatments as varying skin types, and the amount of hair play a role.

Full Body Laser Hair Removal

Our laser hair removal technology is designed to work without damaging the surrounding tissue. We offer full body laser hair removal for the face, arms, legs, back and even more sensitive areas. Customers often start with hair removal on one part of the body, and like the results so much that they schedule full body laser hair removal.

Whatever your hair removal goals, from full body laser hair removal to individual problem areas, and whatever your unique situation calls for, Remedy True Health Medi Spa has the expertise necessary to meet your needs. Our experienced and courteous staff have helped many satisfied customers reach their hair loss goals. Call us to schedule your appointment today.

If you are coming for our Laser Hair Removal, please make sure to come freshly shaved with no waxing/plucking.


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Dr. Ken Cleveland - Remedy

Dr. Ken Cleveland

Dr. Cleveland is our physician and a partner at Remedy True Health and MediSpa. Dr. Cleveland is board certified and, before creating Remedy, was a well recognized and respected bariatric surgeon here in the Jackson Metro area. Dr. Cleveland started this practice with Elkanah Burson, an experienced pharmaceutical sales manager, to pursue a vision of helping people overcome issues of weight, aging, and health with zero surgery.

Patients who have the opportunity to spend time with Dr. Cleveland know first hand of his honest, helpful, and holistic nature in conversations. His educational approach adds a level of heartfelt confidence in all of his patients. His first and foremost mission is to help each and every patient achieve their healthiest and happiest level achievable.