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Dieting and losing weight is a constant battle for most people. 

For some patients, excessive weight is a health issue as well as an aesthetic concern. Many of the patients we see have tried multiple diets, weight loss doctors, pills, gimmicks, extreme exercise, only to ultimately see weight loss return and in some cases increase once the diet has stopped. Finally, there are significant and sometimes serious health concerns beyond “slingshot weight gain” when dieting.

Remedy, a medi-spa and medical weight loss clinic, offers Physician-Guided Weight Loss programs tailored to the individual patient along with meal planning, nutritional planning, and essential dietary supplements.

You can get started with medi weight loss for around $275, and the food cost is only about $11 to $14 per day, several dollars less than a person’s average food cost of $19 per day. At our weight loss clinic, there will be checkups with the doctor along the way and periodic lab work to track progress.



Lose weight with Physician-Guided Weight Loss

Remedy, a medi-spa and medical weight loss clinic, was founded by physician and former bariatric surgeon, Dr. Ken Cleveland. Dr. Cleveland is not one of the run-of-the-mill weight loss doctors. He spent more than 10 years in the field of medi weight loss helping obese patients lose weight on the operating table. Today, unlike other weight loss doctors, he takes a highly proactive approach by partnering with Remedy’s weight loss clinic to administer the Remedy Weight Loss Program, and help his patients lose weight.


Also a founding partner in Remedy, Elkanah Burson is a former Pharmaceutical executive with an extensive background in product development, procurement and marketing. Elkanah and his team have acquired the perfect meals, shakes, snacks, and supplements for patients’ various needs and taste, thereby helping to ensure a successful weight loss experience.


  • Medical weight loss clinic developed and guided by physicians
  • Administered by healthcare professionals
  • Medi weight loss customized to the needs of each and every patient
  • Balances education, hunger management, and exercise
  • Designed to yield 5-10 pounds of weight loss in the first week
  • Up to 20 pounds of weight loss in the first month
  • Weight loss clinic offers more than a quick fix — designed for lasting results


A Three Phase Approach

The Remedy Weight Loss Program consists of three phases to migrate from losing weight to sustaining weight loss.


Phase 1: New Beginnings


Patient needs and goals analyzed, dietary restrictions introduced and progress managed until desired weight loss is achieved.

  • Full medical exam, including lab work and EKG
  • Weekly visits with Remedy medical professionals
  • Diet customization & education
  • Balances education, hunger management and exercise
  • Signature meals & supplements
  • Medication as needed


Phase 2: You Can Do It!


Greater emphasis on “real food” & nutrition, and moderate exercise.

  • Weekly visits continue
  • Dietary & caloric maintenance
  • Healthy eating recipes
  • Exercise plan


Phase 3: Keep It Off!


Instruction, support and guidance for the methods necessary for maintaining a healthy and ideal weight.

  • Less frequent visits
  • Further dietary guidance
  • Healthy lifestyle maintenance


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Dr. Ken Cleveland - Remedy

Dr. Ken Cleveland

Dr. Cleveland is our physician and a partner at Remedy True Health and MediSpa. Dr. Cleveland is board certified and, before creating Remedy, was a well recognized and respected bariatric surgeon here in the Jackson Metro area. Dr. Cleveland started this practice with Elkanah Burson, an experienced pharmaceutical sales manager, to pursue a vision of helping people overcome issues of weight, aging, and health with zero surgery.

Patients who have the opportunity to spend time with Dr. Cleveland know first hand of his honest, helpful, and holistic nature in conversations. His educational approach adds a level of heartfelt confidence in all of his patients. His first and foremost mission is to help each and every patient achieve their healthiest and happiest level achievable.